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Hydrogenated Coconut Oil

[ NEWS ] 10/JANUARY/2017 09.54

There are several products produced by coconut oil. One of them is known as hydrogenated coconut oil or HCNO. It is different to crude coconut oil, hydrogenated coconut oil can’t be consumed directly or it is not good to consume too many. This is concerning to the fact that fatty acid in hydrogenated coconut oil has been hydrogenated. Because of that, hydrogenated coconut oil consists of trans fatty acid and it is unhealthy for your body. If you consume too many trans fatty acid, the risk of heart disease is bigger. This type of oil is produced and used for different type of products. Several products which include hydrogenated coconut oil as one of the primary ingredients are candy, foods, and margarine.

To keep the durability of hydrogenated coconut oil, it is better to keep this oil in solid form. To transform this oil into solid form, hydrogenated coconut oil has to be boiled first. The hotter the temperature of the coconut oil, the hydrogenated coconut oil will be changed into hard solid form. So, you don’t have to consume this oil directly. If you want to consume hydrogenated coconut oil, you just need to buy margarine or any kind of food products consist of this coconut oil. Sarimas Company is experienced enough in producing high quality ingredients into coconut oil including produced it into hydrogenated coconut oil. Later, the hydrogenated coconut oil will be sent to the buyers who need this ingredient to create new products such as margarine. 

Hydrogenated coconut oil is processed by using high technology so it is only produced high quality coconut oil. When it is combined with different ingredients to create a new product, the product will be considered as high quality product. This type of coconut oil can be chosen as an ingredient to make margarine besides coconut fatty acid distillate or CCNO. At least, you don’t need to get confused anymore when you read the ingredients if it is written as hydrogenated coconut oil. This is because you have known that hydrogenated coconut oil is one type of coconut oil.