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The Best Coconut Oil

[ ARTICLES ] 13/MARCH/2017 12.45

Coconut oil has become one of most popular product these days. The reason is it’s healthier than other oil. Plus, you also can find many different types of coconut oil. One of them is pure coconut oil.

Pure Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil is the coconut oil that was processed from fresh coconut. So, it doesn’t use copra. To get this oil, usually people use heating method. However, it’s different than other coconut oil; the heat is limited to excrete the oil. Plus, it also doesn’t use the chemical purification method.

Pure Coconut Oil Usage

Usually, pure coconut oil isn’t for frying and such, but for different purpose. Mostly, pure coconut oil is being used as the main ingredient of product in cosmetic or other industry. However, today, there are many people want to use it for themselves. The reason is the lauric acid level that reach 45% to 50% make this product become one of healthier product you can find. For this reason, a production control system is needed; therefore, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) has been applied.

Previously, there are many coconut oil traditional factory doesn’t use HACCP system. It makes their coconut oil exposed by metal, dirt and bacteria, such as Salmonella sp, Escherichia Cali and other. Now, with HACPP, they can product safer coconut oil that is safer for their consumer.