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I use coconut oil in cooking as it’s very heat-stable. I fry and deep-fry in it, rub it on my roast meats, stir-fries and sauces. It’s really good for Asian cooking as its flavour is very complimentary.

It is a solid most of the time at room temperature or when refrigerated and is, therefore, a great substitute for butter or margarine and can be used for dips, spreads, in baking and desserts. Use a 1-to-1 ratio when substituting other oils or butter for coconut oil. I use it in my grain-free granola recipe, cherry ripe chocolate truffles, or when pan frying my meatballs.

It can even be used to make mayonnaise, I would use a good quality refined coconut oil for that.

Add a couple of teaspoons to smoothies, juices, tea or coffee.

Refrigerate it and eat as is by scrapping some with a teaspoon. The taste is slightly sweet and subtle, it really is quite nice and doesn’t have that oily texture you might expect, more like white chocolate.

Mix some coconut oil with cacao & honey for a quick energy boost before a workout.

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