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Probably, you are asking about the ingredients of your favorite soap. It is possible that one of the ingredients is coconut oil. This type of oil is made of various types of plants including coconut. There are several types of coconut oil available. If it is about the ingredient of soap, so it is using one type of coconut oil known as coconut fatty acid distillate or CFAD. Definitely, you are not allowed to consume this oil directly just like fresh coconut oil. Coconut oil fatty acid distillate is served in the form of raw material. This raw material will be mixed with different type of ingredients to create a new product.

The most popular product, which using coconut oil fatty acid distillate as the ingredient is bathing soap. Commonly, the color of this oil is darker. If hydrogenated coconut oil is good to keep in solid form, so it is better to keep coconut fatty acid distillate in liquid form. The original coconut oil fatty acid distillate will produce strong fatty acid smell. The form of this oil will be changed if it is boiled in certain temperature. To change the liquid form into solid form, you have to boil this oil around 24 Celsius up to 26 Celsius. Just like the name of the oil, coconut oil fatty acid distillate consists of high level of fatty acid. Even, the level of fatty acid is 95% to the overall compounds.

The high level of fatty acid is good for body so it is a common thing if coconut oil fatty acid distillate is used as the ingredient of soap. The result is that your body will be smooth and clean. This type of oil has pH less than 4. Moreover, this type of oil is also water soluble. When the coconut oil washed by water the compound will be gone along with the water. The most important thing is that coconut oil fatty acid distillate is safe because it is made of coconut. The coconut is processed and extracted so it produces specific type of oil known as coconut oil fatty acid distillate.

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