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It is undeniable that crispy fried food is tasty. Many people like fried food and make it as daily consumption. Even though fried food is referred as unhealthy food, fried food remains in demand. Fried foods are often cooked at home. Fried foods are sold everywhere, from street food stalls to restaurants.

However, consuming fried foods become pro and cons fpr some people. Some believe that fried food is not good for health, but there are some people who ingnore that facts.

Some facts and myths about fried foods that you need to know:

  • Fried Foods Cause Obesity Fried food causes obesity is a fact. When you eat fried foods, the oil content in them can make gain weight. The oil contains in fried foods will be converted into multiplying energy. The excess energy will be stored in the body and make us gain weight. That is a reason why you should avoid fried foods while on a diet.

  • Fried Foods Make Coughs Coughing can be caused by influenza viruses and other medical diseases. Nevertheless, fried food is one of the triggers. Especially fried foods cooked with used cooking oil will form acrolein, a compound that can cause itchy throat.

  • Fried Cause Acne Fried food causes acne is a myth. The oil content in fried foods does not make acne appear on your face. In general, acne arises because you are not keeping the skin clean. Hormonal levels that fluctuate also trigger acne growth in the body.

  • Fried Foods Cause Cancer Used cooking oil contains many free radicals and it makes fried food unhealthy. If you consume it, free radicals will enter the body and trigger the growth of cancer cells.

Therefore, do not use used cooking oil that is not feasible. It is better to cook fried food with fresh cooking oil.

  • Fried Cause Heart Disease Fried foods cause heart disease is a fact that is often shared by health experts. Fried foods contain high calories and unsaturated fats and it increases cholesterol levels in the body. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should not eat fried foods at all. The most important thing is do not consume too much and fry it with high-quality cooking oil.

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