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Coconut oil becomes the best product in Indonesia. It is a common thing if this type of oil or known as refined coconut oil is best selling in the market. This is because refined coconut oil is good for cooking. Moreover, coconut oil can be mixed with several ingredients to be a new and beneficial product. Besides using this oil for cooking, coconut oil is also used for the ingredient of cosmetic and medicines.

Moreover, refined coconut oil is also commonly used as food ingredient such as margarine or starch. Even, you can also find coconut oil in specific products such as shampoo, soap, and any kind of daily products. If it is seen from the texture, the color of the coconut oil is golden brown. The texture is liquid but a little bit dense. Refined coconut oil is odorless if it is compared to any other oil. If you can smell something it means you are smells the smell of coconut. Refined coconut oil can be boiled from the 24 Celsius up to 26 Celsius degrees. This process made the oil into solid form. But, it is better to keep coconut oil in liquid form in the temperature around 18 Celsius degree. It is not allowed for you to use the coconut oil to fry over and over again. This is because hot temperature triggers trans fatty acid. Trans fatty acid is dangerous because it leads you to heart disease.

Refined coconut oil is safe as long as you use it in the right way especially if you want to use it for frying. Coconut cooking oil is easily found at the stores or supermarket. This is because people realize the benefits of refined coconut cooking oil itself. Because of that, a company such as Sarimas Company is producing refined coconut oil continuously to meet the need of various industries. What customers got is of course high quality refined coconut oil which is processed in high and modern technology.

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