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PT Sari Mas Permai is a major multinational manufacture, dealer and wholesale provider of large orders for coconut oil. We produce coconut oil and oil powders that follow the worldwide quality demand. We have various consumer including start-ups company to the major international companies that work on making gels, liquids, vitamins, dry beverages, books, snacks and more. Our company is a credible manufacture of coconut oil and oil powder-based goods that confrm with strict domestic or foreign requirements.

As a full-source design manufacturer, our international company has a competitive price in the sales of coconut oils and oil powders. Through our firm, we produce or supply traditional, organic and biodynamic goods with complete formal verification and consistency documentation to ensure that you comply with your industry's regulatory standards.

Moreover, Our company regulation is to give a range of forms of coconut oils, such as cold-pressed, distilled and fractionated, depending on the requirements of customer’s particular use. We are confidence on our ability to help you develop the personalized formulation that your goods require.

✔️ Benefits of Coconut Oil and Oil Powders for your products

There are several advantages of the application of coconut oil or powder in wellness and beauty goods. Coconut oil contains fats called lauric acid, a form of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), which has been shown to raise HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood and further boost the ratio.

⚫️ Coconut oil has been known to have plenty benefits including:

  1. Balancing hormones
  2. Clearing acne
  3. Healing skin diseases
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Building resistance to bacteria & viruses

⚫️ Coconut oils and oil powder are mainly used for:

  1. Hair & hair masks
  2. Skin
  3. Face
  4. Teeth
  5. Oil pulling
  6. Cooking
  7. Dogs
  8. Sunburns
  9. Dandruff treatment
  10. Shampoo
  11. Shaving

✔️ Organic Oil Manufacture

PT Sari Mas Permai has a unique and special formulates for the natural coconut oil that is made straight from fresh coconut meat. Costumers can dilute every essential oil with natural coconut oil for the skin and hair to ensure that the required nutrients are supplied. The raw nature of our carrier oils makes it a perfect choice for your herbal line of products.

Not only having an excellent products, we also provide service to create a product developing strategy personally customized to your brand & company requirements, plus assist with white/private packaging & shipping to bring the goods to market quicker. Stay in touch with our company, your one and only bulk oil supplier that puts priority to your needs for an affordable quote.

✔️ Private labelling and free label packaging

Our company customers need versatility in purchasing larger and smaller amounts of raw materials. As a coconut oil company, we offers excellent customer support, on-time production, and market competition. As a toll merchant, we can take every item (from the raw material to the finished product) via our manufacturing process, private branding / white labeling and private shipmentOur company has the expertise and business skills to guide customers to the right tools to bring the company product to market quicker.

Our international and multinational corporation has partnered with suppliers and organizations in the Pet Care, Practical Food, Wellness, Beauty and Sports Performance markets, offering the most effective personalized formulations possible. Our professional formulators build on industry-leading curriculum and technologies to put the company beyond and above regulatory enforcement requirements.

✔️ Daily use of coconut oil and oil powder

National and foreign manufacturers, businesses, and retailers prefer PT Sari Mas Permai for non-GMO, certified coconut oil, and coconut oil powder. Customers prefer to use coconut oil and oil powder as a replacement for toxic or less nutritious substitutes. Coconut supplies allergen-free, good fats for cooking, beauty, fitness, and sports goods. Most citizens utilize coconut oil for cooking regarding their health and nutritional benefits.

✔️ Increasing the potency of coconut oils with heatless drying technology

By reducing the need for heat in the extraction of oils and oil powders, PT Sari Mas Permai maximizes the nutritional integrity of the customer's product. Our heat-free drying technology optimally microencapsulates the intended components, leading to high oil loads of oil powders. This ensures that the coconut oil powders customers get from us as the main supplier is more effective than the suppliers that use conventional heated drying methods. Coconut oil powder is more straightforward to apply to milk, drinks, and other nutrients than butter. The consumer will reach a higher degree of natural ingredients with powders in your final food. This improves the overall price of the goods; it will help buyers to make buying choices easily and raises revenue.

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