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Sauteing is an appropriate cooking method for serving fresh, delicious, and crispy vegetables. Kale, spinach, and cabbage are some kinds of vegetables that are often stir-fried.

It seems that sauteed is easy. Just add the herbs and vegetables, then stir until evenly distributed. In fact, it is not that easy. So many people fail to saute vegetables in a right way because they have no experience. Well, here is how to saute vegetables properly:

  1. There are vegetables that need to be boiled first Soft-type vegetables can be sauteed directly, such as water spinach or kale and spinach. However, vegetables such carrots need to be boiled first. Boil it a little while to make carrots softer.

  2. Slice vegetables into pieces To make sure that the vegetables are cooked and the seasoning is perfectly absorbed, slice the vegetables into pieces. The sauteing process will be easier because the vegetables are quickly cooked.

  3. Use a Small Amount of Oil The stirring process may only require a small amount of oil. Pour enough oil into the frying pan so the dish is not too oily. Oily vegetables are certainly not pleasant to eat.

  4. Pour enough water In sauteing process you need to add enough water to ripen the dish. Remember, do not get too much water so the vegetables are not too soft.

  5. Use Medium Heat Use medium heat to saute the vegetables. Do not use high heat because it will make the food burn and cannot be eaten.

  6. Put the Seasoning First After cooking oil is hot enough, the spices must be put in the pan first. Stir-fry the spices until they are fragrant.

  7. Puth the Vegetable Last If you want to add meat, put it first after sautéing the spices. Then, you can add the vegetables and saute it until cooked.

  8. Saute for a minute The saute process only takes about 3-10 minutes, depending on the amount of vegetables that being cooked. Thus, do not saute vegetables too long because it will make the dish burnt. The explanation above are the important things that must be considered when sauteing vegetables. Try the method above and make your own perfectly cooked and delicious dishes.

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