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Alternative Fuel Source from Coconut Oil

[ Articles ] 06/Nov/2016 12:00

More people are worried about the uncertainty price of fuel. Because of that, they are trying to find innovation to invent cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative fuel. This challenge is welcome by the appearance of biodiesel industry. The function this industry is to invent alternative fuel. Biodiesel is also known as environmentally friendly, low pollutant, and make machine long lasting alternative fuel.

In fact, inventing alternative fuel such as biodiesel is very difficult. It is not only because the long extraction process. It is also because the materials needed. The problem is that the materials are also very expensive. Although, there are several difficulties to invent alternative fuel, research is still done. The research is mostly about finding environmentally friendly and affordable materials.

There are also several researches related to alternative fuel. One of them is the new material for alternative fuel. The new material of biodiesel is known as Palm Fatty Acid Distillate or PFAD. This is the extraction vegetable oil made of coconut. It is believed that this material has high level of free fatty acid and it is a good material for biodiesel. PFDA is also considered as affordable material for biodiesel fuel.

PFAD is made from several steps which are considered as a little bit complicated and long process. It needs distillation and extraction process before used as biodiesel. It is a good fact especially for industries. This is because this new invention product can be competed with crude oil.