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Coconut Extraction before Processed into Coconut Oil

[ Articles ] 05/Oct/2018 12:00

Before processed into coconut oil, coconut has to be processed first. One way to process the coconut oil is by using extraction process. In this process, the ingredient of the oil will be extracted. There are 3 types of oil extraction process. Those extraction processes are mechanical expression, solvent extraction, and rendering. Extraction process is used for high level of oil ingredients. The purpose of this extraction process is to get oil from the fresh coconut. In the rendering extraction process, coconuts will be boiled in specific temperature.

There are two rendering extractions which done to get the coconut oil. First, the coconut can be extracted by using wet rendering. In wet rendering, coconuts are boiled with water. When water is added, the coconuts will produce coconut milk. The coconut milk will be extracted more into coconut oil. Second, coconuts can also be extracted by using dry rendering. Dry rendering is the opposite of wet rendering. In this process coconuts are boiled without water. The coconuts are shredded and then dried or roasted before extracted to get the coconut oil. The result or the quality of the oil depends on the quality of the coconuts itself. Later, coconut oil can be used for various products. Those products are including coconut cooking oil, food ingredient, margarine, candle, soap, and many more.

Several cosmetics are also included coconut oil as their main ingredient because it is safer than chemical ingredients. The quality of extracted coconut oil depends on several elements. High quality coconut oil commonly is coming from high quality coconuts. Moreover, the extraction process is using high technology so the oil produced from the process is really the essence of the coconut. It is a common thing if coconut oil products are sold more expensive than any other cooking oil. Coconut cooking oil is also considered as healthy cooking oil because it is made of plan so it contains of high level of unsaturated fatty acid.