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Forage Alternative Source to Prevent Malnutrition Energy

[ Articles ] 13/Apr/2017 12:00

Based on a Main Health Research in 2013, malnutrition is still a prominent issue that must be overcome. The Prevalence of Chronic Energy Deficiency in pregnant woman shows high percentage with 24,2%. This problem is being concerned because lack of energy affects the quality of fetus, which caused low weight and stunt in a newborn baby.

Total Diet Survey in 2014 shows supportive data toward that issue. The percentage of society who has sufficient energy is less than 70% (<70% AKE). Led by the classification of young adult (13-18 years old) with 52,5% and for adultery from 19-55 years old has 50%. In the classification of pregnant women who live in town and village has less than 70% of sufficient energy which are 52,5% and 51,5%. High proportion of society with the number of sufficient energy less than 70% becomes an important issue that must be concerned. Young adult is a strategic age especially in women, because in long period will become pregnant women so that the reserved energy is needed to support their pregnancy. The classification of pregnant women is more important because directly the sufficient energy will affect the growth of fetus.

Food with high-energy source is needed to prevent lack of energy in human body. The source of energy comes from carbohydrate and fat. Carbohydrate food can be found in rice, wheat (in a form of wheat flour), corn, potato, sago and cassava. The source of fat comes from animal (beef, chicken, and fish) and vegetables such as nuts. Cooking oil also one of the fat sources that we consume everyday.

Based on a Total Diet Survey in 2014, the most consume oil is palm and coconut oil. Palm oil is more often used than coconut oil because it is abundant, easy to find, and more cheaper than other oils. Indonesian people use less coconut than palm oil. Therefore, not many of them know about the advantage of coconut oil compared with another oil.

Coconut oil has medium length of fatty acid chain more than 70%. It causes coconut oil easily to be absorbed by small intestine so that there will be no emulsification progress by the bile acid. This oil also does not need lipase enzyme to absorb and relatively easier to dissolve in blood so that it is faster to turn into energy inside the cells which similar with glucose. Related with the energy demands, coconut oil can be an alternative food to prevent malnutrition energy, because it is easier to transform into energy and has high energy because 1 gram of coconut oil will give 9 kilo calories in human body, while 1 gram of glucose only gives 4 kilo calories. As an example, if we consume 10 grams of coconut oil then it will give 86 kilo calories, and to produce the same energy, we need 100 grams of potato, 70 grams of rice, 40 grams of white bread, 70 grams of cassava, or 70 grams of wet noodle. It means that only fried with one spoon of coconut oil, you will get the same energy when consume 100 grams of potato.

Based on those facts, it is suggested to increase energy intake for young adults and pregnant women, and it could be raised by consuming coconut oil. How to do it is by changing your ordinary oil with coconut oil and frying it with minimal one consumed food in every eating time.