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Keep the Consumption of Vegetable Saturated Fat

[ Articles ] 09/Nov/2016 12:00

Delicious taste is not only the important thing when you are eating some foods. More than that, the food has to be healthy foods. At the same time, more people are trying to limit the use of specific ingredients. It is done because they are afraid of bad impact for their health. Most people also said that delicious foods contain of saturated fat. Saturated fat is the main cause of dangerous diseases.

Due to the bad impact for the health, people stop to eat foods contain of oil. It is know that foods contain of oil has high level of saturated fat. It is better for you to use Hydrogenated Coconut Oil or HCNO.

Hydrogenated Coconut Oil or HCNO is cooking oil. The different is that HCNO has been through hydrogenation process. This coconut oil is solid and white and melted when boiled. The purpose of hydrogenation process is to keep this oil solid even when it is boiled. HCNO can be used as the ingredient of chocolate, candy, or ice cream. HCNO is used because the taste and the smell are easily mixed with the other ingredients so the food taste is more delicious.

This coconut oil has high level of saturated fat but it is classified as healthy fat. The saturated fatty acid is also stable and it is easily turned into energy. Moreover, there is also antioxidant and anti virus found in coconut oil. Those compounds are good for body.