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The Use of Coconut Oil Waste

[ Articles ] 10/Jan/2017 12:00

Liquid coconut oil is the extraction of the ingredient. The ingredient is various and it is including fresh coconut. So, how about the coconut oil waste after the extraction process? The waste is not directly disposed away but it is used as the ingredient of copra pellet. So, the main ingredient of copra pellet is the waste or the residual of coconut oil. Although, copra pellet is made of coconut waste but it is considered as a useful product especially for fishery industry. Copra pellet can be used as the food of fish, shrimp, and any kind of fishery industry. In fact, copra pellet is considered as a nutritious food for fishes.

Besides using copra pellet for the food of fish, this product can also be used as the additional food for cattle. Even, by giving copra pellet as the additional food, cattle can produce better dairy products such as better milk quality. For example, a cow which eat copra pellet can produce dense, sweeter and good taste milk than milk from a cow which doesn’t eat copra pellet. In the texture, the color of copra pellet is golden brown and in the solid form. The smell of this product is sweet and good smell. Copra pellet still has specific beneficial compounds such as protein and fat although it is only the waste of coconut oil. This waste is packaged or processed in the form of pellet to make it easy to be combined with food for cattle. Pellet is small and tender so it is also good for fish. Pellet is easy to digest by fish or cattle.