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Coconut Oil, the Profitable Export Source

[ News ] 23/Jan/2017 12:00

As a tropical country, Indonesia has a lot of natural resources. One of the profitable resources is coconut oil export. The profit is more than the export of palm oil. In fact, Indonesia is considered as the second largest exporter of coconut oil. Definitely, it is really profitable for coconut oil industry as well as the development of economy in Indonesia.

The export of coconut oil from Indonesia is growth larger because of the request from the countries worldwide. It is also because many of researches discuss about the benefits of coconut oil for health, chemical, and commercial benefits. Some countries used the extraction of coconut oil to be processed as RBD oil, PFAD or HCNO oil. Those products are used for cosmetic industry, food industry, or biodiesel industry.

The coconut oil from Indonesia is mostly sent to China, America, and Canada. The request of coconut oil is also increased significantly since 5 years. It is also because of the popularity of coconut oil as well as the high price of this product. Because of that, the export of coconut oil is profitable than the coconut fruit. Of course, it is also important for Indonesia to make high quality coconut oil based on international standard. It will be complete if the high quality coconut oil is supported by international standardize certification. The final statement is that because of the export of coconut oil, Indonesia will be more developed country and be a great country.