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Ayam penyet or smashed fried chicken and ayam geprek or crushed crispy chicken are so popular among culinary lovers. Its crispy and spicy taste makes people consider it as their favorite food. It is not difficult to find a restaurant that serves both menus.

Various franchises offer business opportunities for smashed fried chicken and crushed crispy chicken. Many beginner businessmen are interested and make the business of ayam penyet and ayam geprek increasingly popular everywhere. Although both dishes are made from chicken, however, there are some differences. For those who do not understand, you might be confused whether to order ayam penyet or ayam geprek.

Well, here are the differences between ayam penyet and ayam geprek:

  • Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken) The process of making ayam penyet is quite complicated because it uses various herbs, such as turmeric, coriander, candlenut, galangal, bay leaves, garlic, and onion. Ayam penyet must be cooked a little longer in order to makes the seasoning is fully absorbed and the meat becomes soft. Only then, the chicken is ready to be fried in hot oil. After that, the chicken will be pressed by using the mortar until it becomes flattened. Do not forget to add chili paste or chili sauce to complete the dish.

  • Ayam Geprek (Crushed Crispy Chicken) Ayam geprek is mixed with flour to make it savory and crispy. Usually, the seller uses boneless chicken or the chicken that has been separated from the bones and skin.

After being fried, the chicken will be crush using a mortar with spicy onion sauce. Then, the chicken is ready to be served. Moreover, ayam geprek has various variants, depending on the recipes of the seller. For example, there is ayam geprek which covered with matah sauce, mozzarella cheese, and salted egg sauce.

In addition, there are also ayam gepuk (flattened chicken) which is a combination of ayam penyet and ayam geprek. This flattened chicken uses dry fried chicken. After that, the chicken will be flattened together with garlic chili sauce. Now, among the three types of fried chicken, which one is the most delicious? Certainly, ayam penyet, ayam geprek, and also ayam gepuk have a unique taste that is rather difficult to determine which is the most delicious. Everything depends on each individual's taste.

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