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Embrace the International Day of Health

[ Events ] 25/Apr/2017 12:00

The theme of international health day today is depression, and diabetes mellitus for last year. However, I am more interested in diabetes mellitus because some of the reasons below:

1) The number of patients are increasing in Indonesia.

2) Diabetes mellitus is a disease that increasing the risk of another chronic illness such as coronary heart disease and stroke, which namely cardio vascular, and chronic kidney which comes as the beginning of hemodialysis.

3) Diabetes and other chronic diseases that majority causes death of Indonesian people.

4) The high rate of medical treatment and it comes as the highest cost that will be handled by BPJS.

5) Diabetes and other chronic disease are mostly influenced by unhealthy lifestyle. It means that these diseases can be prevented by fixing our lifestyle. Lifestyles that cause chronic diseases are bad eating habit, which leads to obesity and low physical activity.

To prevent these chronic diseases, you should:

1) Re-arrange your daily food into sufficient menu by lessen or not eating snack to over-weight body and replace it with juicy fruits.

2) Keep your eating routines twice or third times a day which consist of carbohydrate (rice, potato, cassava), animal protein (beef, chicken meat or fish and egg), vegetable protein such as nuts and their products, also with vegetables.

3) Lessen or avoid a food that made from four and sugar.

4) Keep exercising your body such as doing aerobic minimally 150 minutes in a week. Hopefully, this article might be useful.