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Healthy Benefits of Coconut Oil

[ News ] 31/Mar/2017 12:00

In the past, people said that Coconut Oil is bad or unhealthy ingredient you must avoid. The reason is you can find fat inside the coconut oil. However, that was the past. After there are many researches about coconut oil, we can say that this oil is one of the best oil you can use for cooking. And, the fat inside this oil is the main reason.

The Saturated Fats

Actually, the fat you can find inside coconut oil is the saturated fat. This kind of fat is much stronger and has higher durability against the heat, if you compare it to other types of fats. With this condition, when you heat it up, it won’t become the unsaturated fat that becomes the main cause of obesity and other health problem. The fats that you can find in coconut oil are mostly Medium Chain Triglycerides. This type of fatty acids will be able to go to your liver. And then, it will be changed into ketone. This substance will provide more energy to your body.

It Reduce the Bad Cholesterol Level

The other important thing you can find inside coconut oil is its ability to reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL. Furthermore, this oil also can increase the amount of HDL or good cholesterol. With this function, we also can say that coconut oil is also good for you who have heart disease.