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History of Coconut Oil Reputation Drop 2

[ News ] 24/Oct/2017 12:00

Wives and families of about 400,000 soy farmers were encouraged to spread across the state in an effort to lobby and tout the health benefits of soybean oil. Meaningful yet misplaced health groups such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) joined the war, issuing news stating that palm seed, coconut, and palm oil as "fat clogging blood vessels".

CSPI, a group of nonprofit consumer activists, had criticized saturated fats since its inception in the 1970s. Like almost all the nutrition counselors of the time, they mistakenly believed that all the saturated fats were the same and attacked the existence as the fat. Encouraged by the publicity issued by ASA, they began to strengthen the attacks. Tropical oil, being highly saturated, was heavily criticized in promotional literature, news releases, and lobbying efforts. Apparently, CSPI regarded saturated fats as the most dangerous criminals that once attacked mankind. ASA found a strong and contentious ally in a campaign to dominate the tropical oil market.

As a group that claimed to be a responsible nutrition education advisor, CSPI surprisingly knew nothing about saturated fat, particularly coconut oil. Instead of giving people information about the facts of saturated fats, they only reinforced the misunderstandings and falsehoods. CSPI’s lack of knowledge in relation to lipid biochemistry was revealed in their booklet entitled Saturated Fat Attack.