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There’s no doubt the coconut is having its moment in the sun. The tree nut has transformed from being a symbol of your next tropical vacation to being the leading natural superfood (that you can enjoy on your tropical vacation or at your desk).

Perhaps what we love most about it is its versatility as an ingredient – the coconut has been used for everything from bug spray to probiotics. It has gotten its fair share of lukewarm press lately, but that doesn’t seem to be deterring millennial consumers who have an affinity for our sweet, hairy little guys as a nourishing ingredient in beauty products, cocktails, and healthy snacks. There is a new demand for gluten-free coconut flour these days, and the coconut has been proven to be an effective and capable moisturizer. Those who watch what they eat are hungry for animal-fat alternatives like coconut oil, and dairy-free beverages like coconut milk.

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