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Starting a Coconut Oil Business

[ Articles ] 06/Mar/2019 12:00

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that is often used for various purposes such as cooking, skin care, and others. The many benefits that can be obtained from coconut oil cause the mushrooming of businesses that use coconut oil as their selling power. If you are getting interested in the coconut oil business, you should first consider all the things that will be needed when the business starts up. Coconut oil is made from copra, which is meat on dried coconut. However, several other coconut oil producers use the juice from the coconut. The oil contained in coconut meat is 30% - 35% while in copra is 63% - 72%.

Deciding the process for making coconut oil also requires you to reconsider such as the quality produced, the time required, and its simplicity. In general, the process of making coconut oil there are two ways, namely fermentation and extraction. Some business people choose the fermentation process because it is more energy efficient, fast, and profitable for producers with mass production scale.

In addition to deciding the best production process, the number of raw materials found in Indonesia, especially in certain regions is very important. Getting the best coconut raw material you can survey directly in certain areas that are already famous for producing coconut trees. But if you decide to invest or become a reseller of coconut oil products, it doesn't hurt either. Because currently the producers of coconut oil are trying to expand their sales so that the business they are doing is still running. The coconut oil business has good potential because Indonesia is a country that is rich in coconut production and its benefits are good for health.