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The Benefits of RBD Coconut Oil

[ Articles ] 28/Nov/2016 12:00

Refined Coconut Oil or RBD Coconut Oil is popular oil and full of benefits. This coconut oil is made of copra or dried coconut. There are several steps to do to make RBD coconut oil. This is including the high pressure of extraction step. Then, the result of the extraction is boiled. The next step is adding specific compounds to the boiled oil. The function is to remove the odor and the taste.

RBD Coconut Oil is known because of its special characteristic. The especial characteristic is because of the high pressure distillation. The pressure made this coconut oil is clearer, tasteless, and odorless. Because of that, RBD coconut oil can be used as the ingredient of soap, cosmetic, or foods.

It is also a common thing to use RBD coconut oil for food industry because the tasteless and odorless characteristic. The best part is also because this oil has similar triglyceride fatty acid to original coconut. When this oil is boiled, the fatty acid is stable and strong enough from heat. People love to use this oil because the fatty acid is not turned into cholesterol but it is turned into energy. Because of that, there will be no too much fat in your body. Due to its benefit, RBD coconut oil is used as the main ingredient for large food industry. The main reason is because RBD coconut oil is healthier compared to the other vegetable oil from different type of ingredients.