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The use of Coconut Oil in Food Industry

[ Articles ] 25/Jan/2017 12:00

The development of food industry made the owners thought about the best ingredients. It can be seen from the changing of the oil. Previously, food industry was using vegetable oil. Now, they are using coconut oil. Coconut oil is used for frying process. Moreover, coconut oil is also used for softener and additional ingredient for bread, candy, noddle, and even ice cream. It is used because coconut oil is a good oil to change gelatin or oil made of animals fat. Do you know why coconut oil is more popular in food industry?

Coconut oil is more popular because it is healthier and safer than any other oil products. This is also because the triglyceride fatty acid. This type of fatty acid will be released from your body. Furthermore, this type of oil is also strong enough and solid although it is processed by using high pressure technology. The boiling point of coconut oil is also higher than any other oil. Because of that, coconut oil is the best option especially for massive food industry.

The price of coconut oil is also affordable if it is compared to vegetable oil. In fact, vegetable oil has low health quality than coconut oil. It makes more and more food industry changes their ingredient into coconut oil. In conclusion, coconut oil is mostly used for food industry because it is good for health as well as it has higher commercial aspect than any other oil.