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The Used of Coconut Oil to Change Cacao Oil

[ News ] 13/Feb/2017 12:00

There is a significant improvement on the use of cacao oil. Cacao oil is used for food industry and beauty products. The problem is that the limitation of cacao oil supply. It is hard to fill all the request of cacao oil around the world. The good news is that there is a new alternative to change cacao oil.

The new alternative product which can be used to change cacao oil is coconut oil. This oil has similar quality and benefits with cacao oil. Before used as the alternative oil, coconut oil is processed synthetically. The function of synthetic process is to show whether coconut oil has similar compounds with cacao oil or not.

The synthetic process is done by equalizing between the size and the melting point between the palm oil and the coconut oil and cacao oil. Amazingly, the result of this process shows the same result. It means the combination between coconut oil and palm oil has the same size and melting point with cacao oil. Because of this result, coconut oil can be used to substitute cacao oil and it is a good option. The reason is because coconut oil has the same function and texture if it is compare to cacao oil. This is also because the triglyceride fatty acid which can be found in each of the fat. The triglyceride fatty acid makes coconut oil is perfect oil to substitute the use of cacao oil.