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Many culinary businessmen choose to sell fried rice as their signature dish. Fried rice is one of the favorite foods of Indonesian people, and it is a very promosing business.

If you want to start a fried rice business, you do not have to prepare a large business capital. You can always open a street vendor. Yet, if you have a lot of capital, you can open a restaurant in a better place. Maybe you can rent a place or food court to open a food stall specializing in various fried rice menus.

Tips for success fried rice business for beginners:

  1. Make a Typical Recipe Fried rice in every restaurant has a different taste, even though it uses the same ingredients. The unique taste is important as a selling value for your fried rice Thus, create a typical fried rice recipe as an appeal of your restaurant. Also offer a variety of different menus so that customers have many choices, such as chicken fried rice, seafood fried rice, spicy fried rice, and so on.

  2. Use Good Quality Raw Ingredients The taste of fried rice is very dependent on the quality of raw materials that are used, whether it is the rice, vegetables, eggs, chicken, meat, or cooking oil. Therefore, choose good quality ingredients to make fried rice. You can slightly increase the selling price that matches the quality of the fried rice you sell.

  3. Excellent Service Serve each customer professionally. Let's say, maintaining the consistency of the taste in each dish, the deft serving process, and friendly to every customer who comes.

A good service will be a plus for your business. Meanwhile, if you have a bad service, customers will be reluctant to return, even though your fried rice tastes good.

  1. Media Promotion and Marketing Business competition is getting tougher. There may be other fried rice sellers nearby to your location, so you need a strategy for your successful business. For instance, use social media to reach your customers. If other traders are still selling on the spot, offer a new way of ordering through an online social media platform and offer your custumer delivery order.

  2. Keep Your Stall Clean In addition, keep your stall clean to makes it comfy for your customers. If customers feel uncomfortable, your fried rice will be no longer appetizing for them.

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