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The use of cooking oil repeatedly has become a habit of many people. The problem is, how many times can we reuse the cooking oil? Some cooking oil may only be used 2 times, some may be used up to 6 times. There is no definite limit on this because every type and brand of cooking oil has a different quality.

However, no matter how good the cooking oil you use, it still should not be used continuously without being replaced. Therefore, the quality of cooking oil that is used repeatedly will decrease and not healthy for consumption. For example, Mamaco coconut cooking oil may be used for 6 times. After using more than 6 times, then you should pour the new cooking oil for cooking. For those of you who often cook, you should pay attention to the condition of cooking oil in the kitchen. Be careful in using cooking oil that is no longer feasible.

Damaged cooking oil will make your food taste bad and can harm your body. You can also get poisoned because of the dirty used cooking oil that can trigger bacterial growth and contain many free radicals that cause cancer. You should avoid using cooking oil if it meets this following conditions:

  1. Thick Textured Oil Good quality cooking oil has a liquid texture like water and it is not too sticky on hands. However, if cooking oil already thickens, it is certain that the oil contains a lot of saturated fat which can increase cholesterol levels.

  2. Discoloration After repeated use, clear cooking oil will turn darker. If it looks brownish or blackish, cooking oil is no longer safe for consumption.

  3. Rancid Oil Avoid using this kind of cooking oil. The aroma of the cooking oil can change if it is not stored properly. Rancid oil indicates that the oil has been damaged due to oxidation.

  4. Expired Oil Pay attention to the validity period of cooking oil on the package. Do not use cooking oil that has passed its expiration date.

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